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Wheel Loader with Weichai Engine


This W153 wheel loader with Weichai engine is a kind of heavy-duty mining equipment mainly used in construction fields. Its rated load is 5tons and wheelbase is 2920mm. Its bucket capacity is 3m3 or 4 m3. The working pressure of its hydraulic system reaches up to 18Mpa and its breakout force on ground is more than 16tons.
With a smaller turning radius than W156, this W153 is more suitable for work in confined or small areas. Its heavier counterweight and strengthened rear frame provides better stability. Comfortable air conditioning system allows for an excellent operation environment. Additionally, this wheel loader features less oil consumption, low noise and small emissions.


1.This wheel loader features low fuel consumption and good dynamic property.
2.Its Weichai engine provides large traction force.
3.The centring arrangement for the articulated position and small turning radius provides the enhanced front loader with high mobility and flexibility.
4.Finite element analysis is utilized to analyze the key parts of this wheel loader.
5.With its tracks overlapped, the front and rear tyres have long service life.
6.Fully hydraulic coaxial flow amplifying steering system allows handy and flexible steering system for reliable and stable operation.

Loader Parts and Features:

1. Weichai engine:

Model: WD10G220E21
Description: Direct injection, water cooling, 4strokes
Power: 162kw/220hp
Max.torque: 860N.m


(1). The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system reduces the combustion temperature, thus, reducing the NOx formation;

(2). Under the idle-speed low flow situations, the rough filtration rate is more than 93%;
(3). The optimized muffler interior decreases noise to be a quiet level;
(4). The removing of exhaust gas ejector structure perfects the engine appearance, as well as reduces failure points at the same time;
(5). In cold days, the electromagnetic fan will make the water temperature inside the engine rise quickly; in hot days, it will still raise the water temperature, but the high temperature will not last for long time, or influence the water temperature balance of the engine;
(6). The extended filter element maintenance intervals reduce the operational costs of users;
(7). Enhanced the oil pan improves the modal frequency and suppresses radiated noise.
(8). At the ambient test temperature of 23℃, the productivity of this loader almost stays at the same level, but oil consumption is reduced by 4.03% on average.
(9). The automatic exhaust pump is easy and fast to start.
(10). The water-removing efficiency is as high as 95% and filtration efficiency is more than 98%.
(11). This engine also features low start failure rate, low gear failure rate; and under low-temperature conditions, low blast coefficient diesel can also be used.

2. Gearbox:

A ZL50 planetary gearbox is applied for this W153 wheel loader with Weichai Engine. And this gearbox is designed with hydraulic converter, and can allow 2 forward and 1 reverse speeds. The
hydraulic power shift delivers smoother shifts, faster acceleration, and better performance.

3. Structural parts:


(1). The 2920mm middle wheelbase of this wheel loader delivers a smaller turning radius, which makes this loading machine fit for working at small areas of mining and construction.
(2). To better keep the stability and strength of this loading machine, its rear frame is strengthened and counterweight increased.
(3). A 4m3 coal bucket is optional for high productivity and efficiency of light and loose material loading.
(4). This wheel loading equipment has a rugged and reliable foundation because of high-quality welded two-piece structural frame design. Therefore, high stability, good performance and serviceability are provided for this loader.
(5). The front and rear frames are designed with a robust articulating hitch system to enhance its durability.
(6). Enhanced line routings across the hitch joint streamline the manufacturing process and improves reliability and durability.

4. Oil tank:

This oil tank is a rotary hydraulic curved tank. The layout of the oil tank is scientifically reasonable and elegant. It’s very easy to assemble and disassemble its components. It’s easy and convenient to repair and maintain. Moreover, it has been qualified and certificated by CE and GOST.

Specifications of this Mining Equipment:

Resource allocation of W153 with air condition
Bucket capacity(CBM) 3.0
Rated load(kg) 5000
Max.Breakout Force(KN) 150±5
Max.Traction(KN) 165±5
Forward Speed 1(KM/H) 0-11.5
Forward Speed 2(km/h) 0-37.5
Reverse Speed(km/h) 0-17
Max Dumping (mm) 3140±50
Max.Dumping Reach(mm) 1055±50
Min.turning radius(mm) 6888±50
Min .Clearance Over Ground(mm) 380±20
Wheel Base(mm) 2920±30
Total Hydraulic Cycle Time(s) ≦11.1
Full Bucket Lifting Time(s) ≦5.7
Overall Dimensions(mm) L:7537×W:2845×H:3451
Operating Weight(kg) 16600±200
Diesel Engine
Brand Weichai WD10G220E21
Type Direct injection ,water cooling ,4strokes,turbocharged,6cylinder
Rated Output(kw) 162
Rated Speed(rpm) 2200
Max.Torque(N.m) 860
Type Planet type
Rated Input Speed(rpm) 2200
Transaxle And Tire
Rear Axle Oscillation Center oscillation
Oscillating Angle Of  Rear Axle(°) 13
Pressure Of Tire(Mpa) 0/28-0.32
Working Hydraulic System
Working Pump Type Gear pump
Working Pressure(Mpa) 17
Lifting Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 160×812
Tilting Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 180×542
Steering System
Steering Pump Type Gear pump
Working Pressure(Mpa) 12
Steering Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 90×360
Max.Steering Angle(°) 35