• 15Tons Middle Excavator
  • 15Tons Middle Excavator this 15tons crawler digger features high reliability, high efficiency, excellent operation comfort, high serviceability and high productivity.
  • 21Tons Middle Excavator
  • 21Tons Middle Excavator The ISUZU engine has a power of 113.2kw, and this engine can work perfectly with the hydraulic pump, ensuring the smooth operation and efficient performance of this middle crawler excavator.
  • 22Tons Middle Excavator
  • 22Tons Middle Excavator this 22tons crawler excavator is fitted with an original ISUZU engine, Kawasaki hydraulic pump, Parker main valve, Doosan travel motor and Sungbo swing motor.
  • 24Tons Middle Excavator
  • 24Tons Middle Excavator World Group is a Chinese innovative heavy-equipment manufacturer, specializing in producing wheel loaders and earth moving machines, 24tons crawler digger for different tons.

Middle Crawler Excavator


We are one of the largest heavy duty machines manufacturers in China. Here in World Group, we mainly supply four kinds of middle earth moving machines (also known as hydraulic crawler digger) whose operating weight changes from 15tons to 24tons. Imported original hydraulic system parts, imported Kawasaki pump, imported Parker valve and motor. 

1 Types:

(1). W2150-8 15ton earth moving machine 
(2). W2215-8 21 ton middle crawler digger 
(3). W2225-8 22 ton middle crawler digger
(4). W2245LC-8 24 ton earth moving machine
2.Features of Hydraulic Crawler Digger: 
(1).The strengthened bucket bottom is made of thick abrasion resistant panels and the bucket side is enhanced to better work under tough conditions of construction and mining. 
(2). Ergonomic cab design provide spacious, comfortable and safe working environment. 
(3). Full function display with online inspection is available for this earth moving machine. 
(4). With multifunctional valves, the imported swing motor provides stronger digging force. 
(5). The enhanced steel track is equipped with an anti-sliding chain. 

Maintenance for Earth Moving Machine:

1.Release the water and sediment in the oil tank regularly so as to make sure that impurities and oxidized hydraulic oil inside the oil tank can be totally removed. 
2. Check the transmission belt between the water pump and fan, because after long-time use, the belt may come with fatigue and deformation, and then the cooling effect will be reduced. To replace the belt, please pay some attention to its type and length and proper tightness should be made. 
3. To operate this hydraulic crawler digger rightly, please keep an eye on the water table all the time. Whenever the temperature is higher than 90℃, proper measures should be taken. Don’t flame out the hydraulic crawler digger immediately. Find a shade place, stop the excavating machine and cool it at the idle speed. After the crawler digger is cooled down, the belt tension of the fan should be carefully examined. 


Please read the operation manual before operating this earth moving machine: 
1.When the crawler digger starts or leaves off the cab, please do as follows: 
(1)Put the steering tube at the neutral gear.
(2)Put into the neutral gear
(3)Keep the dozer front on the floor
d)Before stopping the engine, the engine should race for 5mins. 
(4)Once stopping the hydraulic crawler digger on the slope, please keep the chock block under the wheels. 
2.The radiator is to avoid gas mixing, so please make sure the elimination steam after stopping the engine. 
3.Before starting and driving the crawler digger, please follows the rules as bellow: 
(1)Make sure that all the meters and indicting lamps are normal.
(2)Remove the parking brake before starting the engine. 
(3)Unless in an emergency, the earth moving machine must stop before using the parking brake.
(4)While downgrading, do not put into the neutral gear.
4.When repairing and replacing excavator parts, please obey the following steps:
(1)Keep the hydraulic crawler digger on the flat ground
(2)Put the shovel front on the floor and then add the security rod.
(3)While the shovel front hoisting, no one is allowed to stand under the earth moving machine. 

Transport and Payment:

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on.
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on.