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World can provide different underground equipment to meet your different application requirements. Today, demands on mined materials are becoming much higher than that of any other time in history. The development of society and increasing urbanization are requiring more and more sustained dependence on minerals, metals and coal. The energy usage is expected to grow significantly in the coming decades, adding more emphasis on supply, security, cost and environmental impact issues.

The demand on a partner for grows and mining companies to support them in their efforts becomes more and more urgent. And a partner who can understand these issues is important to the mining industry, such as safety, sustainability and productivity. It’s very important for a mining company to have a partner who has related equipment, solutions and technologies to support them in the operation.

Backed by the experienced people and infrastructure to serve every mining region in the world, World provide a wide selection of surface and underground equipment for this industry. Although the demands on hydraulic excavating machine for the applications in the quarry industry are very high, World Group excavators are especially suitable for this challenge.


1.Advanced and precise manufacturing equipment has been used, such as laser cutting machine, robot welding parts,South Koreaboring and milling center,South Koreahorizontal machining center.

2.Our engineers have more than 20 years’ experience in hydraulic loader and excavating machine manufacture, and even our workers at the assembly line have rich manufacturing experience.

3.Our hydraulic loaders and crawler excavators are qualified and certificated by ISO9001, CE, and GOST. 

4. Many components of products are developed and manufactured by ourselves, so the quality can be surely guaranteed and the production costs are relatively lower.

5.All of our loaders and excavators are manufactured based on the high standard of safety and security. And our basic machines, attachments and working tools can be assembled and disassembled with low effort.

6.Our products have advantages of high speed, high efficiency, good mobility, easy operation, etc.

7.The parts of our wheel loader and excavating machine are from internationally famous brands, such as KYB, ISUZU,KAWASAKI, REXROTH, PARKER and more.

8.World Group focuses on providing maximum performance from the very beginning of their development of hydraulic loaders and crawler excavators. The structural integrity of parts offers exceptional availability even under extremely harsh conditions and a wide selection of dimensioning of the chassis provide high stability under all conditions for the most efficient power utilization.

Applicable Models:

1. W136 Wheel Loader


2. W136II Wheel Loader


3. W156 Wheel Loader


4. W152 Wheel Loader


5. W153 Wheel Loader


6. W218 Crawler Excavators


7. W2150 Crawler Excavators


8. W2215 Crawler Excavators


9. W2225 Crawler Excavators


10. W2245 Crawler Excavators


11. W2330 Crawler Excavators


12. W2360 Crawler Excavators


13. W2425 Crawler Excavators