• 1.8Tons Mini Excavator
  • 1.8Tons Mini Excavator Main components of this 1.8ton mini excavator include a swing boom, dozer, rubber track and canopy. Meanwhile, Nachi hydraulic pump, swing motor, Comer travel motor and Valvoil valve are all high-quality hydraulic systems.
  • 3.5Tons Mini Excavator
  • 3.5Tons Mini Excavator This mini digger is very suitable for the applications in construction, excavation, slope finishing, landscape finishing, truck loading, trenching, pipe lifting and more.
  • 6 Tons Mini Excavator
  • 6 Tons Mini Excavator Imported powerful YANMAR engine has advantages of low noise, less contamination, low fuel consumption, reliable performance and long service life.
  • 8Tons Mini Excavator
  • 8Tons Mini Excavator Power system: this compact digger is equipped with an imported YANMAR engine. A turbocharger is used inside this engine to improve its power and the net power of this engine if 53.1kw. The emission of this engine meets the requirements of European II. Additionally, this YANMAR engine features high quality and reliability, high power and low noise.

Small Crawler Excavator


This small crawler excavator is designed to excel in the narrowest and most demanding operating conditions of civil engineering, road building, construction, mining and more. In the process of development and designing the small crawler excavator, we are committed to keeping consistent innovation and market-oriented at the same time, so that we can meet various requirements of customers in China and throughout the world. 
High-quality hydraulic elements are applied for this mini hydraulic excavator. And it is also equipped with high-strength structural parts, advanced intelligent electronic control system, rational layout, comfortable operation environment and excellent user-oriented design. So cost-performance ratio of this mini hydraulic excavator is very high. 
Until now, we have four types of small crawler excavators: W218 8tons mini excavator, W235 3.5tons mini excavator, W265-8 6tons mini excavator and W285-8 8tons mini excavator. 


1.Our mini hydraulic excavator features good cost performance, compact structure design, easy operation, low noise and bigger power.
2.Increased quality and more stable performance are provided for our small crawler excavator. 
3.Swing speed is enhanced to increase the productivity. 
4.The cab offers a spacious workspace with all-around visibility, in which way safety, comfort and productivity are provided. Moreover, the cab is equipped with an air conditioner. 
5.Smooth movements and high controllability through the smart, responsive hydraulic system with priority functions. 
6.Main structure parts of this mini hydraulic excavator are all manufactured by us, and all manufacturing processes are strictly controlled so as to guarantee the high quality of each part.


If this small crawler excavator is idle for some time, proper care and maintenance should be made so that this mini hydraulic excavator can keep the best performance until the next time of use. Specific maintenance measures are as follows:
1.Clean the soil surface of the excavator, and then examine whether there is any loose fasteners. 
2.Check whether the antifreeze level and oil level are normal; check whether the oil quality is normal and then check the antifreeze level of the fuel.
3.If the weather is very cold and the downtime of the small crawler excavator is quite long, please drain the coolant inside the engine. Meanwhile, to prevent the battery from feeding electricity to the machine, please remove the battery and keep it at a warm place. 

Construction Cases:

For more than 20 years, World Group has been specialized in offering the best crawler excavators for customers in China and worldwide. From design, manufacture, sales, to services, World Group has been committed into meeting your changing requirements on crawler excavators and service. Our each and every excavator comes with the quality, performance and safety. And our mini hydraulic excavators feature high reliability, productivity and durability. We do hope that with more experience, more expertise and more work solutions, we can help you to simplify and improve your operation. 

Transport and Payment:

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on.
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on.