• Wheel Loader with Yuchai Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Yuchai Engine It’s an ideal loading machine for heavy duty in construction and mining, and its operation weight is 10.5tons. Though this skip loader also use the same ZL50 gearbox as the W150 loader, it’s better to be utilized for heavy duty.
  • Wheel Loader with Deutz Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Deutz Engine The W136II wheel loader with Deutz engine is a heavy mucking machine widely used in construction and mining to move aside or load materials, such as asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, snow, feed, gravel, logs, raw minerals, recycled material, rock, sand, woodchips, etc..
  • Wheel Loader with Cummins Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Cummins Engine The W136II wheel loader, or wheel loading equipment, equipped with Cummins engine, is designed for general load and carries operations in building construction sites, earth moving, waste handing, recycling, landscaping and more.

W136II Wheel Loader


The main difference between the W136 and W136II wheel loaders lies in their different rated payload and bucket capacity: the rated payload of the W136 loader is 3 tons, while the W136II payloader machine is 3200kg; the bucket capacity of W136 can be 1.8m3 or 2.2 m3, while the W136II can be 1.8 m3 or 2 m3. 
Like W136 wheel loader, the W136II has three different types with different engine: wheel loader with Yuchai engine, payloader machine with Deutz engine and loader with Cummins engine.
Besides, this W136II loader consumes less oil and causes little noise and emissions. Its cab is designed with an air conditioning.  


1. The ZL50 planetary gearbox is applied for this W136II wheel loader. With its strengthened rear frame, this W136II loading is quite suitable for heavy-duty applications in construction and mining.

2. The Cummins engine improves the power density of this W136II wheel loader. Moreover, Cummins engine decreases the regulated emissions as well as keep high performance and fuel efficiency. 

3. The optional single-lever joystick can lift the boom up or put it down by pushing forward or backward. By moving to left and right, the joystick controls the bucket unloading and loading. Compared with double-lever control system, this joystick is easy to maneuver. 

4. The robotic welding frame of this wheel loader provides a solid, reliable and dependable foundation for the stability and serviceability of this payloader machine. Best-quality articulating hitches are applied to connect the front and rear frames. To smooth the manufacturing process and to guarantee the stable and durable performance of this W136II loader, the line routings across the hitch joint are optimized. 

5. All of the structural components of the payloader machine are manufactured and welded by ourselves. During the manufacture process, the shot blasting technology and vibration treatment are applied to release the welding stress. In the ultrasonic test, all parts are fully examined for welding defects. After blasting, lots of small pits that are left on the surface enhance the adhesion of the coating. 

6. There is a main reducer and two hub reducers in the drive axle of this wheel loader. The main reducer is equipped with bevel gears and the hub ones with the planetary gears. Also, a dry caliper brake, consisting of a brake plate and brake disc, is applied for the axle. Additionally, this brake system is easy for maintenance and heat dissipation. 

7. The radiator enlarges the radiating area for better heat dissipation. The working temperature of engine and transmission system are controlled properly to extend their service life, in which way the oil leakage from the hoses is also decreased and the working life of hoses is extended. 

8. The cab of this W136II wheel loader is equipped with an air conditioner, an electric fan and a standard radio with SD card interface. All-around visibility allows for faster and safer work. Switches and controls for various systems are located within easy reach of the operator. Inside the spacious cab, the operator can work, as well as have a good rest. 

9. The steering wheel position of the cab is slightly adjustable. There are a series of devices on the control panel to measure water temperature, oil temperature, fuel level, air pressure and working hours. Light switches are also distributed on the panel. 

Packing of the Payloader Machine:

A W136II wheel loader can be packed into a 40HQ container, and two W136II loaders into a 40HQ and a 20GP container. While packing, the cab and bucket have to be disassembled from the loader so that the main body can be put into the container. 
We can load 1 unit W136II loader in a 40HQ container or 2 units W136II loaders in a 40HQ and a 20GP container. We need to disassemble the cabin and the bucket and then drive the main body into the container.

Transport and Payment:

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on。
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on。