• Small Crawler Excavator
  • Small Crawler Excavator In the process of development and designing the small crawler excavator, we are committed to keeping consistent innovation and market-oriented at the same time, so that we can meet various requirements of customers in China and throughout the world.
  • Middle Crawler Excavator
  • Middle Crawler Excavator We are one of the largest heavy duty machines manufacturers in China. Here in World Group, we mainly supply four kinds of middle earth moving machines (also known as hydraulic crawler digger) whose operating weight changes from 15tons to 24tons. Imported original hydraulic system parts, imported Kawasaki pump, imported Parker valve and motor.
  • Large Crawler Excavator
  • Large Crawler Excavator Its hydraulic system includes Kawasaki hydraulic pump, Parker main valve, Doosan travel motor and Kawasaki swing motor. And its spacious cab is equipped with a Japanese Denso air conditioner and safety air seat. The extended chassis delivers high stability and reliability to this 24tons crawler digger.

Crawler Excavators


This crawler excavator, also known as crawling digger, is an earthmoving machine designed to dig or move materials in industries of construction, mining, road building, civil engineering, quarrying and more. In construction industry, this crawler excavator is widely used to dig trenches, holes and foundations, to handle materials, to move earth, coal, sand, rocks, demolition, dredging and so on. More like a sibling to the crawling-tanks widely used by the armies, these crawlers move upon the same rotating wheel systems; but along with that with the ability to Dig, Pick and Transport Earth-substance On The Go. 
The crawler excavator is mainly made up of a major crawler chassis, rotor support, the central swivel joints, turntables, the device weight, the panel, cab and air-conditioners. World manufactures provide three kinds of excavator machine for customers worldwide: small (compact), middle and large excavator machine. Only by


1. All the key parts of our excavator machines are from internationally famous parts or excavator suppliers, such as KYB, ISUZU, KAWASAKI, REXROTH, PARKER and more. 
2. Power system: this crawler excavator is equipped with imported original Yanmar engine and this engine is designed with a turbocharger to enhance its power. Additionally, the emission of this engine meets the European II standard requirements; and this Yanmar engine features reliable quality, bigger power and lower noise. 
3. Hydraulic system: all key parts of the hydraulic system are best-in-class products, so this system works faster and more cost-effective. 
4. Running system: four wheels are sharing one panel belt. The strengthened panel provides rigid frame, strong wear resistance, high reliability and stability and longer service life. 
5. Large comfortable cab: this cab offers a spacious workspace with all-around visibility provides the safety and comfort and increases productivity. This cab is designed on basis of ergonomics and equipped with an air conditioner. So it features low noise, excellent visibility, comfortable operation, good ventilation and spaciousness. 
6. High productivity: the coming-going times of the bucket of this crawler excavator is reduced, so the working time is shorter and spillage less. Extended digging scope and depths provide higher productivity. 
7. With more than 20 years’ experience in engineering equipment manufacture, we have integrated the advantages of many other similar machines to our crawler excavators, and our excavator machines are more suitable for various complicated or harsh working conditions of mining, construction, etc.. 
8. All of our excavator machines can be equipped with many different assistive devices like breaker. 
Technical Research:
Since its foundation in 1988, World Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (China) has been focusing on developing and manufacturing more comfortable, safer, productive, environment-friendly, reliable and versatile construction equipment for customers worldwide by using the latest science and technology. Operating World equipment on mining and construction sites provide the operator with comfortability and convenience of modern science and technology. 

Attentions for Excavator Machine:

1. In the process of disassembly, assembly and lifting of this crawler excavator, there should be a specially-assigned person to command the process so as to avoid unnecessary accidents. 
2. When repairing this crawler excavator, the wire skins of the electrical equipment, such as air compressors, bench grinder, small bench drill, electric hand drill, electric wrench and more, should be good, and electrical leakage protector should be installed to avoid electric shock accidents. 
3. If there is strange noise suddenly happening inside the excavator equipment when in operation, please turn off the electric gate to stop the operation until the fault is found. 


1. Regular maintenance is necessary.
2. Before maintenance, please clean the crawler excavator.
3. Before maintenance, the identification of the technical states of the excavator machine should be made and then recorded. Also, the maintenance information should be recorded carefully. 

Cases of Excavator Machine:

As an innovative heavy-equipment manufacturer, World Group has been specialized in producing wheel loaders and crawler excavators of high quality, reliability and durability for more than 20 years. From mining, quarrying to construction, the durability and reliability of our wheel loaders delivers minimum downtime, and the advanced technology and proven components offer a high level of availability. In the process of development and manufacture, we never forget to keep consistent innovation and market-oriented at the same time, so that we can meet various requirements of customers in China and throughout the world. 

Transport and Payment:

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on.
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on.