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Application Description: 

How can you do more work in less time? That’s a challenge for all construction work worldwide. Your projects are getting larger and more complicated and regulatory restrictions are increasing, but your construction schedules are being shortened. These conflicts are leading to longer workdays and more fatigue. At the same time, it also increases your challenge to maintain a safe working environment for you and your employees. Now, World offers the best answer by providing high productivity construction machinery. 

Features of our Construction Machinery :

1.The parts of our wheel loader and crawler excavator come from internationally famous brands, such as KYB, ISUZU, KAWASAKI, REXROTH, PARKER and more. 
2.An extensive range of versatile wheel loader attachments is available. 
3.Dependable engines for the loader and excavating machine offer best-in-class fuel economy.
4.All of our products feature outstanding lift capacities, lift height and reach. 
5.The safe and comfortable operation station allows the operator to work in confidence and to focus on a productive working day. 
6.Ease of service, with ground-level access to routine service points, allows or maximum availability. 

All of our wheel loaders and crawler excavators can be used in this industry:

1. W136 Wheel Loader 


2. W136II Wheel Loader 


3. W156 Wheel Loader 


4. W153 Wheel Loader 


5. W152 Wheel Loader 


6. W180 Wheel Loader 


7. 1.8Tons Mini Excavator (W218) 


8. 3.5Tons Mini Excavator (W235) 


9. 6Tons Mini Excavator (W265-8) 


10. 8Tons Mini Excavator (W285-8) 


11. 15Tons Middle Excavator (W2150-8)


12. 21Tons Middle Excavator (W2215-8) 


13. 22Tons Middle Excavator (W2225-8) 


14. 24Tons Middle Excavator (W2245LC-8) 


15. 33Tons Large Excavator (W2330LC-8)


16. 36Tons Large Excavator (W2360LC-8)


17. 42Tons Large Excavator (W2425LC-8)