• Excavation Machine
  • Excavation Machine The travel system of our hydraulic excavator features high reliability, bigger traction, strong climbing ability and smaller ground pressure, and it is capable of variable speed walking. The track can work normally under different harsh working conditions.

Large Crawler Excavator


Around the globe, World Group excavation machine has been the trusted equipment manufacturer in China since 1988. From mining, construction, road building, civil engineering, to quarrying, customers find their World large excavator for digging, lifting and loading applications. 
World Group large excavator is ready to offer you new levels of excavation machine efficiency. Each of our excavation machines is designed and manufactured to deliver long-lasting performance, powerful strength and leading fuel efficiency. 


1. W2330LC-8 33Tons Large Excavator
2. W2360LC-8 36Tons Large Excavator 
3. W2425LC-8 42Tons Large Excavator 

Features of Excavation Machine:

1.Lift more, place more and get more done: all World large excavators deliver faster cycle times and efficient operation via the powerful hydraulic pumps with best-in-class output. 
2.Great ground clearance and maneuverability: the specially designed chassis frame provides outstanding ground clearance, thereby improving maneuverability and offering you the ability to power through difficult conditions and navigate crowded areas. 
3.With all-around visibility, the spacious cab of the large excavator provides the operator with more safety, comfort and confidence during the operation, thereby increasing productivity. 
4.Easy-access serviceability from grouped filters and wide compartment doors for greater safety and more uptime. 
5.The smart, responsive hydraulic system, with priority functions, allows for smooth movements and high controllability. 
6.Dependable engine of the excavation machine provides high torque at low revs for best-in-class fuel economy. 

Attentions for Using Large Excavator:

Please read the operation manual before operating the excavation machine: 
1.Never use iron wire, copper wire or substandard fuse as standard fuse. 
2.Remove the battery cable to prevent electricity feeding when the crawler excavator will be not in use for a long time. 
3.Do not put many sundries in the battery box, especially metal tools. Otherwise, a fire may occur.  
4.Please check whether pin bolts are loose, shedding or lack every day, and take corresponding measures timely. 
5.Check whether there is any structure cracking or deformation every day. 
6.Before parking the excavation machine, please check the surroundings and park the excavator on solid and smooth hard ground. Do not park near the river, cliff edge or slope where accidents easily happen. 
7.When parking, the oil cylinder of the bucket should be retracted and the bucket be put on the ground to prevent the oil cylinder from being hit. 
8.When the large excavator starts or leaves off the cab, please do as follows: 
(1).Put the steering tube at the neutral gear.
(2).Put into the neutral gear
(3).Keep the dozer front on the floor
(4).Before stopping the engine, the engine should race for 5mins. 
(5).Once stopping the excavator on the slope, please keep the chock block under the wheels. 
9. The radiator is to avoid gas mixing, so please make sure the elimination steam after stopping the engine. 
10.Before starting and driving the excavation machine, please follows the rules as bellow: 
(1).Make sure that all the meters and indicting lamps are normal.
(2).Remove the parking brake before starting the engine. 
(3).Unless in an emergency, the excavator must stop before using the parking brake.
(4).While downgrading, do not put into the neutral gear.
11.When repairing and replacing large excavator parts, please obey the following steps:
(1).Keep the excavator on the flat ground
(2).Put the bucket front on the floor and then add the security rod.
(3).While the bucket front lifting, no one is allowed to stand under the excavator. 

Transport and Payment:

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on.
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on.