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1.8Tons Mini Excavator


This W218 1.8ton mini crawler digger is designed with a 0.05m3 bucket and equipped with an imported Perkins engine whose net power is 14.7W. This 1.8ton mini excavator is widely used in urban construction, repairing, farm and garden buildings. The emission of this mini crawler digger meets the standards of European III and North American Tier III. Perkins engine has a unified global service network to meets the requirements of after-sales maintenance and repair for customers throughout the world. 
Main components of this 1.8ton mini excavator include a swing boom, dozer, rubber track and canopy. Meanwhile, Nachi hydraulic pump, swing motor, Comer travel motor and Valvoil valve are all high-quality hydraulic systems. 

Mini Crawler Digger Parts and Features:

1. Engine: imported Perkins engine with stage III emission standard.
2. Track/structural parts (dozer): this W218 1.8ton mini excavator is designed with rubber track and equipped with a dozer.
3. Hydraulic parts (pump and valve): the Nachi hydraulic pump and Valvoil main valve are high-quality hydraulic systems.


Adopt Nachi brand hydraulic pump and Valvoil main valve brand that are all high quality hydraulic systems.

Products and solutions:


1.Perkins engine used in this 1.8ton mini excavator is energy-saving, environment-friendly and has excellent performance. 
2.Short-tail design of this mini crawler digger allows it to work better in confined areas of mining and construction. 
3.Imported high-quality valves that control the travel, dozer blade, working device and superstructure deliver low operation stress and more smooth control. 
4.Operator can set the joystick on the "lock” position to avoid unintended operation, in which way safety and security are ensured. 
5.All maintenance points and areas of our mini crawler diggers are within easy reach at ground level. 
6.The hydraulic system of this 1.8ton mini excavator features high performance.
7.Built-in electronic devices. 
8.All electronic devices are placed into a box that can be located conveniently. 
9.The main components of the hydraulic system are the best-in-class brands. The main valve of Parker works together with Nachi variable pump, which is energy saving and cost-effective. Ergonomically-designed handle allows for flexible and reliable manipulation. All switches and controls for various systems are located at the one side of the armrest box and their layout design is made according to the mannequin, which ensures the comfort of operator. 
10.The oil cylinder of this W218 1.8ton mini excavator uses the DH18 product technical specifications, in which way the complete interchangeability is possible. So the after-sales service can have good flexibility. 
11.Fully waterproof controller, ergonomic seat and specially-designed canopy provide the operator with safety and comfort. A safe channel guiding device is designed to improve safety and security of the operator during the operation. Additionally, a rotary locking mechanism is designed to avoid rotating accidents of the platform when the excavator is working. And a walking locking mechanism is utilized to avoid the misoperation and personal injuries caused by the track shaking when the mini crawler digger is in use. 
12.The filter of the hydraulic system is from an internationally famous brand and all hydraulic system parts are generally-used components, so the after-sales service and maintenance become much easier, and the maintenance costs are lowered significantly.
13.The appearance design of this W218 1.8ton mini excavator features smooth curve shape, rational inter-space. So the W218 mini crawler digger looks like an art work. 

Mini Crawler Digger Specifications:

Engine System
Brand & Origin PERKINS
Model 403D-11
Rated Power (kw/rpm) 14.7/2200
Max. Torque (N.m) 65/2000rpm
Idle Speed (rpm) 1000
Engine Displacement (L) 1.131
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 3.4-4.4
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 27
Fuel Consumption Rate (g/kw.h) ≦230
Hydraulic System
Main Pump Brand & Origin Nachi
Rated Pressure (MPa) 20
Nominal Displacement (L/min) 19.8 x 2+14.1
Multiple Unit Valve Brand & Origin Valvoil
Rated Pressure (MPa) 21.5
Hydraulic Motor Travel Motor Brand & Origin Comer
Traveling Speed (H/L km/h) 4.1/2.5
Swing Motor Brand & Origin Nachi
Swing Speed (r/min) 10
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L) 31
Working Specifications
Weight (kg) 1800
Bucket Capacity (m3) 0.05
Bucket (mm) 408
Bucket Digging Force (kN) 16
Arm Digging Force (kN) 10.3
Ground Pressure (KPa) 28.3
Grade ability 30°
Max. Digging Depth (mm) 2116
Max. Digging (mm) 3406
Max. Digging Radius (mm) 3705
Max. Discharging (mm) 2265
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 153
Min. Swing Radius (mm) 1225
Overall Dimensions L×W × H (mm) 3825×1100×2240

All crawler excavators can be equipped with auxiliaries like breaking hammer: