• 3 Tons Wheel Loader
  • 3 Tons Wheel Loader And this compact wheel loader can fit your work on farms, small mining plants, timber yards, recycling, landscaping, quarrying, block handing, civil and building construction, earth moving and more.
  • 5 Tons Wheel Loader
  • 5 Tons Wheel Loader The drive shaft of this loader is reinforced to provide reliable drive. And many parts of this loading machine are optimized to deliver higher productivity.
  • 8 Tons Wheel Loader
  • 8 Tons Wheel Loader Usually, it can be found to be used in the construction of roads, railways, houses, hydroelectric (power) stations, ports and mines.

Wheel Loader


The wheel loader is a heavy equipment machine widely used in construction and sidewalk maintenance, such as construction of highways, railways, buildings, hydroelectric power stations, ports, mining or diggings. And it can move aside or load materials such as asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, snow, feed, gravel, logs, raw minerals, recycled material, rock, sand, woodchips, etc. into or onto another type of machinery, like a dump truck, conveyor belt, feed-hopper, or railroad car.
There may be many different kinds of loaders for different applications worldwide, such as front loader, bucket loader, front-end loader, payloader, or scoop, shovel, or skip loader. World is a nationally-renowned enterprise specializing in manufacturing wheel loaders in China. World has line of economical wheel loaders in different loading capacities for customers worldwide: 3 tons, 5 tons and 8 tons wheel loaders.
The main differences between our wheel loaders in different types mainly lie in their engines. Those engines include brands such as Yuchai engine, Deutz Engine, Cummins Engine, Shangchai Engine, and Weichai Engine.
1.Yuchai Engine:The Yuchai engine is a kind of internationally-used anti-oil geared starter motor, and it’s very quick to start and keep running steadily. Equipped with large-flow PU air filter, this geared motor is very safe to use and easy to maintain.
2. Deutz Engine For many internationally-renowned automotive manufacturers, Deutz engines are the most important components for their equipment. The Deutz engine we are using is designed with an integrated built-in filtration system, including an oil filer and a cooler, which makes its appearance very elegant and nice. Plus, to maintain its oil filter, what you have to do is only to change its filter element, so it’ll be very cheap and convenient for its maintenance. Also, Deutz engine has low flow resistance, high filtration efficiency, compact structure, and they can get air directly from the engine compartment.
3. Cummins Engine Clean, efficient, dependable and durable, Cummins engines can always be found in our wheel loaders. Their advanced design and sophisticated manufacturing enable them to run smoothly and durably under harsh, high-strength and heavy-duty conditions. Plus, their Holset wastegates make their low-speed performance more perfect and dynamic power stronger.
4. Shangchai Engine: Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd is a professional diesel engine manufacturer in China, having about 67 years engine manufacture experience. The quality of the key components for Shangchai engine can be surely guaranteed, and the sealing elements for oil seal and water seal of its leakage prevention system are made from all high-quality materials. Moreover, the design of its sealing structure is safe, dependable, stable, and reliable.
5. Weichai Engine: Weichai Group is one of the most competitive commercial vehicle and equipment manufacturers throughout the world, which in turn guarantees the high quality and good performance of its loader engines. According to the advanced fuel-efficient technology, the Weichai engine is designed with a special exhaust gas recirculation system (shortened as EGR) to reduce the combustion temperature, which in turn effectively reduces the NOX amount and prolongs the maintenance intervals of main filter elements, thus greatly reducing the operational costs of users. Under the idle-speed low flow conditions, its rough filtration rate will be no less than 93%.

Features of Wheel Loader

1. Featuring precise, powerful and fast material pick-up function, high productivity, good mobility, easy operation, the wheel loader has increasingly widely been used in construction.
2. Big bucket: based on the standard configuration, we have increased the bucket capacity so as to improve its productivity, which also makes it easier and faster to shovel light materials, like coal, grain.
3. Good rock handler: according to the situation of loading and unloading rocks, we have strengthened the lift arm boards and support boards of our wheel loader and equipped our loader with high wear-resistant cutting edge and high abrasion-resistant bucket teeth, thereby increasing the bucket’s working life, and heavy duty
4. High dump: as the fences of trucks become higher and higher, we have improved our wheel loader to handle light materials in high places, like coal. Also, large loading capacity is available in our loaders, which in turn greatly improves the efficiency.
5. Side dump: the bucket of our wheel loader can make side dump, so this loader is optimized for applications in narrow places, especially ideal in tunneling applications.
6. Wood-clipping or wood clamp fork: the wood-clipping fork enables our wheel loader can carry, load and unload materials on tree farms and ports.
7. While maintaining, its swing arms should be padded with solid and reliable foundation. And the arm falling-off should be avoided.

Cases of Loader

From its foundation, World has been insisting on consistently offering the best mining and construction equipment for customers worldwide. From design, to production, to sales, to services, World Group is totally committed to your satisfaction year after year. Our each and every machine comes with the quality, performance and safety. High reliability, productivity and durability are always the features of our loaders. We do hope that with more experience, more expertise and more work solutions, we can help you to simplify and improve your operation.

Transport and Payment

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on。
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on。