• Wheel Loader with Weichai Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Weichai Engine The distance between the upper and lower hinge plate is extended, and the wheelbase is longer. The overall layout of this loader is more reasonable and reliable. Moreover, the Weichai engine of this 5 Tons wheel loader features low fuel consumption, high torque, low noise, electrical starting and flameout.

W152 Wheel Loader


The W152 wheel loader is designed as a heavy-duty loading machine working under various harsh and dangerous mining and construction industries, based on the most advanced technology and loader structure of internationally –renowned Model 50 Loader. Its breakout force is 18tons, and its engine comes from Weichai. 
Additionally, this loader features super heavy-duty design and more reasonable layout. The distance between the upper and lower hinge plates is extended and the wheelbase is longer, so its overall structure is more reliable and stable. The front and rear loader frames are made of thick and rigid panel materials featuring high strength and high loading capacity. 


1.Powered by Weichai Engine, the advanced technologies of optimized power matching and frame design provide lower use costs.
(1).Low-speed but high-torque transmission system delivers stronger power and saves fuel by 10% when compared with that of other loading equipment engine.
(2).The centring arrangement of the articulated joints of the loader frame and the track overlap of the front and rear wheels when the loader is working effectively reduce the power consumption of tyres and wear rate. 
2. Optimized overall layout and stable operation:
(1).Extended wheelbase and centring layout provide high reliability and serviceability. 
(2).The loader body is as long as 8040mm.
(3).The extended upper and lower hinge panels come with more stable and reliable loader frame. 
3. The optimized engine cover and heat dissipation system effectively improve the cooling efficiency of this W152 wheel loader and enable this loader to normally and smoothly work at the high temperature of 40℃ for quite a long time.    
(1).The enlarged engine cover optimizes the air intake and outtake channels of the cooling system. 
(2).World’s unique thermal dissipation system effectively decreases the water temperature of the engine, hydraulic oil temperature and transmission temperature. In this way, the cooling efficiency of this wheel loader is increased greatly. 
(3).Special hydraulic oil return design of World dramatically decreases the oil return pressure of the hydraulic system. As a result, the reliability and stability of the hydraulic system are highly improved. 
4.This W152 wheel loader is specially designed for heavy-duty work situations, so it has high loading capacity. 
(1).The front and rear frames are made from thick panels, so these frames feature high rigidity and reliability. 
(2).The hinge joints are designed with double-row tapered roller bearings, and the distance between the upper and lower hinge plates is extended. In that way, the frame rigidity and reliability are dramatically improved. 
5.Specially optimized heavy-duty loader design provides bigger breakout force. 
(1).The increased lifting cylinder bore improves the lifting capacity by 13%.
(2).The extended bucket radius improves the breakout force by 11%.
6.The hydraulic system is designed according to the standards of international DIN and SAE. Overall forged steel tubes are utilized in the key parts of the wheel loaders and double sealing is used for the tube joints to make the sealing more reliable and stable. 
7.The design of water thermometer, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge of the gearbox and lights are all optimized and the number of power switches is also increased. So the reliability of the electrical system is significantly enhanced. 
8. Its parking brake is an automatically air-cut brake, which makes the braking more reliable and safe. 
9. The transmission shaft of this W152 wheel loader is heavy-duty type with high rigidity and strength. 
10.The ZL50 planetary transmission system features advanced and reliable technology, high reliability and high driving efficiency. 
11. The axles manufactured by World itself are strong and durable. 

Transport and Payment:

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on.
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on.