• Wheel Loader with Yuchai Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Yuchai Engine widely used in mining and construction, and it’s designed with a Yuchai engine and the engine is an anti-oil geared starter motor with large-flow PU air filter, thereby safe to use and easy to maintain.
  • Wheel Loader with Deutz Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Deutz Engine This W136 wheel loader is equipped with Deutz engine, and the Deutz engine is famous for its low flow resistance, high filtration efficiency, and compact structure. The Deutz engine used in our bucket loader is equipped with an integrated built-in filtration system, including an oil filter and a cooler.
  • Wheel Loader with Cummins Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Cummins Engine Cummins engine, clean, efficient, dependable and durable. The computer finite element analysis delivers a reasonable design to this loader, and combining the use of robotic welding and casting in critical high-stress areas, the structure of this loading equipment is robotically-welded to provide highly consistent welds and increased strength.

W136 Wheel Loader


The W136 3T wheel loader is a loading machine with a rated load of 3 ton, and its bucket capacity can be 1.8m3 or 2.2m3 . To get better structure rigidity and larger maintenance space, the distance between frame articulations is extended. Good steel materials with high strength and tensile property are used in this kind of loading machine, and the computer finite element analysis makes the design more reasonable. Welding stress is eliminated effectively because of high-quality welding and shot blasting treatment. High productivity is guaranteed through good hydraulic system and transmission systems, and this front loader can save about 1.67L/hour fuel when compared with other similar machines.
Moreover, the cab of the W136 3T wheel loader is equipped with air conditioner, shockproof seat with safety belt, radio, as well as speaker, which gives operator a best in-class working environment. The ergonomic controls are fully adjustable and designed for low-effort comfort. Switches and control for various systems are located within easy reach of the operator.
The W136 wheel loaders can be divided into three different types according to their engines: wheel loader with Yuchai engine, loading machine with Deutz engine and Cummins engine.


1. Best-in-class working environment:         


(1). The cab is spacious, safe and comfort.
(2). The operation platform is front-located, and the seat is adjustable from front to rear, which greatly improves the comfort of operation.
(3). New shock absorbers are used at the joints between engines, gearbox (or transmission), cab and loader frame, which makes the 3T wheel loader work stably and reliably; soundproofing foam and rubber are utilized at the cab bottom and around the water tank, which helps to reduce noise. Therefore, the interior of the cab is very quiet.
(4). Inside the cab, good decoration around gives a good and comfort view to the operator.
(5). For the cab, air conditioners and pilot operating system are optional. And there are radio and music USB connector inside the cab.
(6).A rotating warning light has been installed on the cab roof, so as to further ensure the safety and security of operation.
2.The lamp looks very beautiful and elegant.
3. The drive axles of the W136 3T wheel loader are manufactured by a famous Chinese brand; and its axle housing, main drive gear, differential gear, frame, half axle and the gear of half axle are all enhanced and optimized to have better reliability and longer working life.
4. The design of this W136 loading machine is more reasonable and reliable, and easy to maintain.
(1). The distance between the up and down articulated frames is extended so as to make it easier when maintaining the gearbox and hydraulic system.
(2). The 290mm distance between the cab and rear frame surface facilitates the maintenance of pipes and steering.
(3). The more reasonable layout of the hood makes it more convenient and easier to examine and maintain couplings and electric elements.
(4).The wheelbase is extended up to 2750mm; axle load distribution is reasonable. So this 3T wheel loader features good reliability and stability.
5.The bucket capacity can be increased from 1.8m³to 2.2m³, and the productivity can be increased by 20%.


1. The operation manual should be read before operating.
2.  When the starts or leaves off the cab of the loading machine, the following rules must be obeyed:
(1). Put the steering tube at the neutral gear;
(2). Put into the neutral gear;
(3). Keep the shovel front on the floor;
(4). Before stopping the engine, the engine should race 5 mins;
(5). The chock block should be kept under the wheel while stopping the 3T wheel loader on the slope;
3. The radiator is used to prevent gas from being mixed; so after stopping the engine, please do confirm the elimination of stream.
4. Before starting the loader, the following rules must be followed:
(1). Make sure that the meters and indicating lamps are normal;
(2). Remove the parking brake, and then start the engine;
(3). Unless in an emergency, the loading machine should be in stop condition before using the parking brake;
(4). When in downgrading, the neutral gear should not be used;
5. While repairing or replacing loader components, please do as follows:
(1). Keep the 3T wheel loader on the flat ground;
(2). Keep the shovel front on the floor and the securing rod should be added;
(3). When the shovel front is hoisting, people are not allowed to stand under or quite near the machine;

Packing Solution:

A W136 3T wheel loader can be packed into a 40HQ container and two W136 loading machines can be put into a 40HQ and a 20GP container. When packing, we have to take the cab and bucket off the loader so that we can put its main body into the container.