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Wheel Loader with Deutz Engine


The W136II wheel loader with Deutz engine is a heavy mucking machine widely used in construction and mining to move aside or load materials, such as asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, snow, feed, gravel, logs, raw minerals, recycled material, rock, sand, woodchips, etc.. 
Equipped with a ZL50 gearbox, it can provide stronger power, and its operation weight is 10.5tons, which means it’s better for heavy duty work in construction and mining. The distance between hinge joints is extended to provide better structural rigidity and larger maintenance space. 


1.The optional design of this wheel loader delivers big breakout force and high full-load coefficient. 
2.The main cutting board of the bucket is designed with a trapezoidal wear-resistant steel structure, and the bottom wear-resisting plate with thickened structure, which delivers small shoveling resistance and good wear-resisting property. 
3.Standard canopy or optional air-conditioner cab gives you comfortable operation environment.
4.Oscillating front loader frame provides reliable and stable operator station. 

Loader Parts and Advantages:
1. Engine: German Deutz engine:

Model: WP6G125E22
Description: Direct injection, water cooling, 4 strokes.
Rated power: 92KW
Rated rotation speed: 2200rpm
Advantages: a. Designed with advanced power matching optimization technology, this Deutz engine saves as much as 19.2% oil when compared with that of other similar engines. 
b. It is equipped with integrated built-in oil cooling filtration system that is easy to maintain. For maintenance, all you have to do is to change the filter element.
c. Its automatic tensioning front wheel system delivers smooth transmission, high reliability, adjustment-free belt, and long maintenance intervals.
d. This Deutz engine is designed with the supercharged intercooling and external EGR technology.
e. The air filter of this wheel loader features low flow resistance, high filtration efficiency and compact structure. 

2. Gearbox:


A ZL50 planetary gearbox is equipped for this W136II wheel loader with Deutz engine. Usually, bigger gearbox provides stronger power. With its highly strengthened rear frame, the W136II is more suitable for heavy-duty work in construction and mining. 

3. Structural components:


All strong structural components for this wheel loader with Deutz engine are manufactured by LANTYPC Group, and all of them are high-quality robotically welded to provide highly consistent welds and increased strength. Moreover, the welding stress is released by the ball blasting and vibration treatment. 

4. Drive axle:

Main components of drive axle include a main reducer and two hub reducers that are connected by two shafts. The main reducer uses bevel gears, while the hub ones planetary gears. The dry caliper brake is designed with as brake shoe with a brake disc, which is better for maintenance and radiation. 

5. Joystick:

To have a better serviceability and higher efficiency, the single-lever joystick is also optional for this W136II wheel loader designed with Deutz engine. To control the boom lifting up and down, all you have to do is move the joystick forward or backward. Also, the joystick can control the dump and load of bucket by moving to left or right. Compared with double-lever joystick control system, the single-lever joystick is easier to operate, and of higher convenience

Specifications of W136II with Deutz engine:

Resource allocation of W136 II with air condition
Bucket capacity(CBM) 1.8 or 2.2
Rated load(kg) 3200
Max.Breakout Force(KN) 100±5
Max.Traction(KN) 100±5
Forward Speed 1(KM/H) 0-10.8
Forward Speed 2(km/h) 0-32.5
Reverse Speed(km/h) 0-14.5
Max Dumping (mm) 3060±50
Max.Dumping Reach(mm) 1020±50
Min.turning radius(mm) 6005±50
Min .Clearance Over Ground(mm) 360±20
Wheel Base(mm) 2750±30
Tread (mm) 1800±10
Total Hydraulic Cycle Time(s) ≦10.3
Full Bucket Lifting Time(s) ≦5.6
Overall Dimensions(mm) L:6970×W:2245×H:3286
Operating Weight(kg) 10500±100
Diesel Engine
Brand Deutz WP6G125E22
Type Direct injection ,water cooling ,4strokes
Rated Output(kw) 92
Rated Speed(rpm) 2200
Max.Torque(N.m) 500
Type Planet type
Rated Input Speed(rpm) 2200
Transaxle And Tire
Rear Axle Oscillation Center oscillation
Oscillating Angle Of  Rear Axle(°) 12
Pressure Of Tire(Mpa) 0/28-0.32
Working Hydraulic System
Working Pump Type Gear pump
Working Pressure(Mpa) 16
Lifting Cylinder Bore ×Stroke(mm) 125×816
Tilting Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 140×553
Steering System
Steering Pump Type Gear pump
Working Pressure(Mpa) 16
Steering Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 80×340
Max.Steering Angle(°) 36

Optional accessories:


1. 2.2 m3 coal bucket      |      2. Rock bucket      |      3. Log grapple      |      4. Pallet fork      |      5. Joystick