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Wheel Loader with Weichai Engine


This W152 wheel loader is equipped with a Weichai engine and its rated load is 5tons. This 5 Tons loader is designed to work under harsh heavy-duty and harsh working conditions on the basis of the most advanced technology and loader structure. 
The distance between the upper and lower hinge plate is extended, and the wheelbase is longer. The overall layout of this loader is more reasonable and reliable. Moreover, the Weichai engine of this 5 Tons wheel loader features low fuel consumption, high torque, low noise, electrical starting and flameout. 


1. Ergonomic controls inside the spacious cab are designed for low-effort comfort and all-round visibility is available. 
2. The seat inside the cab can be adjusted to front and back to meet different requirements. And air conditioning is optional. 
3. The bucket of this W152 5 Tons wheel loader with Weichai can be flattened automatically, reducing the labor intensity of operator.
4. The design of double bumps concourse allows for more flexible and portable operation. 
5. The steering system of this loader is designed with flow amplifying valve, so small flow steering gear can control large flow steering valves. 

Loader Parts and Features:

1. Powerful WD10G Weichai engine:

Description: Direct injection, turbocharged, water cooling, 4strokes, 6cylinders


(1). Low-speed but high-torque transmission system of this engine provides more power and meanwhile, saves fuels by 10% when compared with similar engines of other brands. 

(2). The optimized engine cover and thermal dissipation system effectively improve the cooling
efficiency of this W152 5 Tons wheel loader and enable this loader to smoothly work at the high temperature of 40℃ for quite a long time.   
(3). The thermal dissipation system designed by World can significantly reduce the water 
temperature of engine, hydraulic oil temperature and transmission temperature. Therefore, the cooling efficiency of this 5 Tons wheel loader is greatly increased. 

2. Gearbox:

This W152 wheel loader with Weichai is equipped with a ZL50 planetary gearbox with a hydraulic converter. This gearbox has 2 forward and 1 backward speeds, and its hydraulic power shift provides smoother shifts, faster acceleration and better performance.  

3. Structural parts:

(1). The power consumption of tyres and wear rate are significantly decreased because of the centring arrangement of the articulated joints of the loader frame and the track overlap of the front and rear wheels when the loader is working. 
(2). The loader body is as long as 8040mm.
(3). The extended upper and lower hinge panels come with more stable and reliable loader frame. 
(4). Special hydraulic oil return design of World dramatically decreases the oil return pressure of the hydraulic system. So the reliability and stability of the hydraulic system are highly improved. \
(5). The front and rear loader frames are made of thick and rigid panel materials featuring high strength and high loading capacity. 
(6). The increased lifting cylinder bore improves the lifting capacity by 13%.
(7). The extended bucket radius improves the breakout force by 11%.

(8). Its parking brake is an automatically air-cut brake, making the braking more reliable and safe.

Wheel Loader Specifications:

Resource allocation of W152 with air condition
Bucket capacity(CBM) 3.0
Rated load(kg) 5000
Max.Breakout Force(KN) 156±5
Max.Traction(KN) 180±5
Forward Speed 1(KM/H) 0-11.5
Forward Speed 2(km/h) 0-37.5
Reverse Speed(km/h) 0-17
Max Dumping (mm) 3100±50
Max.Dumping Reach(mm) 1145±50
Min.turning radius(mm) 6766±50
Min .Clearance Over Ground(mm) 380±20
Wheel Base(mm) 3200±30
Total Hydraulic Cycle Time(s) ≦11.1
Full Bucket Lifting Time(s) ≦5.7
Overall Dimensions(mm) L:8118×W:3037×H:3452
Operating Weight(kg) 17250±200
Diesel Engine
Brand Weichai WD10G220E23
Type Direct injection ,water cooling ,4strokes,turbocharged,6cylinder
Rated Output(kw) 162
Rated Speed(rpm) 2200
Max.Torque(N.m) 900
Type Planet type
Rated Input Speed(rpm) 2200
Transaxle and Tire
Rear Axle Oscillation Center oscillation
Oscillating Angle Of  Rear Axle(°) 13
Pressure Of Tire(Mpa) 0/28-0.32
Working Hydraulic System
Working Pump Type Gear pump
Working Pressure(Mpa) 17
Lifting Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 165×757
Tilting Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 200×540
Steering System
Steering Pump Type Gear pump
Working Pressure(Mpa) 12
Steering Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 100×342
Max.Steering Angle(°) 35