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Wheel Loader with Shangchai Engine


With a rated load of 5tons and a bucket capacity of 2.5m3 to 3.6 m3, this W156 wheel loader is mainly used in carry and load operations, civil & building construction, earth moving, waste handling, quarrying, block handling, agriculture, recycling and more. 
Its wheel base is as long as 3427mm and its bucket is enlarged, so this 5ton bucket loader can provide bigger breakout force and better reliability and stability. The steel materials used for the frames and parts of this 5ton bucket loaders have good strength and tensile property. Its best-in-class hydraulic system and transmission system provide high efficiency, productivity and serviceability. The total working cycle time is no more than 11.1 seconds. High quality welding and shot blasting treatment allows for smaller welding stress. The computer finite element analysis provides reasonable design. 
Additionally, the operator station is designed with shock-absorbing seat with safety belt, radio and speaker. Air conditioner is optional. The safe and comfortable cab allows for the operator to work in confidence and to focus on a productive working time. 

Features of 5ton Bucket Loader:

1. Dependable Shangchai engine delivers class-leading fuel economy. It provides larger torque and stable traction force. Moreover, by working with high efficiency and productivity and low fuel consumption, this engine is quite environment friendly. 
2. The composed drive axles is designed with wet-type brakes and featuring large loading force, longer service life and superior reliability, it can work under various tough conditions. 
3. The fuel system protector of this W156 wheel loader allows for the smooth work of the engine under special weather and operation conditions as long as the engine is filled with the diesel of the same grade. 
4.The unnecessary power consumption of the fan is dramatically lowered to save fuel. 
5.Diversified configuration is available. 
6.The fuel system protector is available for service. 

5ton Bucket Loader Parts and Features:

1. Engine:


(1). The famous C6121 (SC11CB) engine, licensed by CAT, is manufactured in Shanghai of China. As the manufacture technology of the C6121 is the same as that of CAT C3306, most of the parts are interchangeable.
(2). This diesel engine is turbocharged and water cooling, and it consists of 4 strokes and 6 cylinders. 
(3). A special speed controller is used to upgrade the response speed of this engine by 30%.
(4). Air intercooling technology improves power by 30%, and both the overall and related parts thermal loads are reduced. As a result, reliability is improved by 30%.
(5). High-quality materials are applied for sealing elements of oil seal and water seal. The design of the sealing structure is secure, reliable and tolerant. 
(6). The diesel consumption of this Shangchai engine is decreased by as much as 5% when compared with that of the second-generation supercharger engine. So this engine delivers class-leading fuel economy. 
(7). As this kind of Shangchai engine is mainly used in the northern cold areas of China, the cold-start performance of this engine is dramatically enhanced.
(8). Even without the support of other special devices, this engine can also be easily started at subzero 15℃, and with the help from other device, this engine can be started at - 45℃.  
(9). Its displacement is 10.5L and the maximum torque reserve coefficient reaches as much as 1.5. 

2. Gearbox:

This W156 wheel loader with Shangchai engine is equipped with a ZL50 planetary gearbox, and this gearbox is designed with a single-stage hydraulic torque converter. This gearbox has 2 forward and 1 backward speeds. The maximum permissible temperature is 120℃. This transmission system provides stronger power, smooth operation and low-cost maintenance.

3. Cab:


(1). The arc-shaped front window is of laminated glass, which provides an all-around vision for operator; the glass of other parts is tempered. 
(2). The cab is spacious enough to deliver a safe and comfortable operation place for operator even under bumping, noisy, dusty or overloading conditions. Additionally, the seat is all-direction adjustable and two-way shock absorbing. 
(3). The headlight of the cab is a unique design of World Group. Its mosaic structure and integrated structure roof provide beautiful and elegant appearance. 

4. 5ton Bucket Loader Structural parts:


The welding of highly rigid steel beams is automatically robotic welding, so this structure has a stronger anti-overloading capacity and higher anti-torque coefficient. Featuring enhanced structure design, good impact resistance, better reliability and good loading capacity, these structure parts allow the W156 wheel loader to smoothly work under various harsh mining industries. 

5. Joystick:

  A single-lever joystick is optional. It is high efficient and easy to operate. The joystick can be moved into four different directions to control the boom and bucket.

6. Drive axle:

The paint of this drive axle is painted first and then dried. And it is also corrosion resistant. It can provide reliable performance and longer extended service life.

Loader Specifications:

Resource allocation of W156 5ton Bucket Loader with air condition
Bucket capacity(CBM) 3.0
Rated load(kg) 5000
Max.Breakout Force(KN) 160±5
Max.Traction(KN) 175±5
Forward Speed 1(KM/H) 0-11.5
Forward Speed 2(km/h) 0-37.5
Reverse Speed(km/h) 0-17
Max Dumping (mm) 3121±50
Max.Dumping Reach(mm) 1057±50
Min.turning radius(mm) 7600±50
Min .Clearance Over Ground(mm) 380±20
Wheel Base(mm) 3427±30
Tread (mm) 2300±10
Total Hydraulic Cycle Time(s) ≦11.1
Full Bucket Lifting Time(s) ≦5.7
Overall Dimensions(mm) L:7967×W:2977×H:3500
Operating Weight(kg) 16200±200
Diesel Engine
Brand Shangchai SC11CB220G2B1
Type Direct injection ,water cooling ,4strokes,turbocharged,6cylinder
Rated Output(kw) 162
Rated Speed(rpm) 2200
Max.Torque(N.m) 860
Type Planet type
Rated Input Speed(rpm) 2200
Transaxle And Tire
Rear Axle Oscillation Center oscillation
Oscillating Angle Of  Rear Axle(°) 13
Pressure Of Tire(Mpa) 0/28-0.32
Working Hydraulic System
Working Pump Type Gear pump
Working Pressure(Mpa) 17
Lifting Cylinder Bore ×Stroke(mm) 165×757
Tilting Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 200×540
Steering System
Steering Pump Type CBGJ2080
Working Pressure(Mpa) 12
Steering Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 100×342
Max.Steering Angle(°) 35

5ton Bucket Loader Optional accessories:

1. 3.6m³ coal bucket      |      2. Rock bucket      |      3. Log grapple      |      4. Pallet fork      |      5. Quick change coupler      |      6. Joystick

5ton Bucket Loader Packing:

A W156 loader can be placed into a 40 HQ container, but before putting the main body of a W156 wheel loader with Weichai engine into a container, we have to disassemble cab, bucket, axle and tyres