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Application Description:

World provide different forestry equipment to meet your different application requirements from core machines used in road building, millyard and reforestation, to special machines used for harvesting, extracting and loading. 

Advantages of Forestry Equipment: 

1.Our wheel loader and crawler excavators meet the highest degree of material handling requirements in confined areas. And the optimum maneuverability of our products is very imperative for applications in forestry industry. 
2.Our loading machines and excavating machine feature compact dimensions, high maneuverability, special working protection measures, quick-changeable attachments system and low ground pressure. 
3.Advanced and precise manufacturing equipment has been used, such as laser cutting machine, robot welding parts, South Korea boring and milling center, South Korea horizontal machining center. 
4.All of our engineers have more than 20 years’ experience in loader and excavating machine manufacture, and even our workers at the assembly line have rich manufacturing experience. 
5.Our products are qualified and certificated by ISO9001, CE, and GOST.  
6.Most of our product parts are manufactured by ourselves, so the quality can be surely guaranteed and the production costs are relatively lower.
7.All of our loaders and excavators are manufactured based on high standard of safety and security. And our basic machines, attachments and working tools can be assembled and disassembled with low effort. 
8.All of our products have features of high speed, high efficiency, good mobility, easy operation, etc. 
9.The parts of our wheel loader and excavating machine come from internationally famous brands, such as KYB, ISUZU, KAWASAKI, REXROTH, PARKER, etc. 

Applicable Models:

1. W136 Log Fork Wheel Loader


2. W156 Log Fork Wheel Loader 


3. W2150 Crawler Excavator


4. W2215 Crawler Excavator


5. W2225 Crawler Excavator


6. W2245