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22Tons Middle Excavator


As an innovative heavy-equipment manufacturer in China, World Group has been specialized in producing wheel loaders and earth moving machine, including middle crawler excavator ranging from 15 to 24tons. This W2225LC-8 22tons middle earth moving machine is equipped with a 1.0m3 bucket and its operating weight is 22.4tons. Additionally, this 22tons crawler excavator is fitted with an original ISUZU engine, Kawasaki hydraulic pump, Parker main valve, Doosan travel motor and Sungbo swing motor. 

Features of Earth Moving Machine:

1.The imported ISUZU engine is equipped with an imported cooling system, and it’s powerful, high efficient and environment friendly. 
2.Imported Parker pipeline and joints, and reliable negative flow hydraulic system offer humanized operation design. 
3.Ergonomics are utilized in the design of cab of our 22tons crawler excavator to deliver a comfortable, excellent visibility and safe operation station. 
4.The high-stress areas of boom, arm, bucket and upper and lower frames are reinforced by cast steel and high-strength steel panels to provide high reliability and durability.
5.Advanced electronic control system is applied for this middle 22tons earth moving machine so that it can work under different conditions. P stands for heavy loading control, E economy control, L light load control and B breaking control. 
6.The famous-brand track system provides longer service life, lighter operation system, easier maintenance and lower operating costs. 

Earth Moving Machine Parts and Features:


The Japanese ISUZU engine features bigger power, low noise, low oil consumption and powerful driving force.


The spacious cab is equipped with an air conditioner, shock absorbing seat and radio. The seat can be adjusted into 6 different directions. The durability of the cab is improved by the model and structural design of large cross section. And the hydraulic system can be locked by the safety locking bar to avoid misoperation. 

3.Hydraulic parts(pump, valve):

The holding valves on the main valve can protect the boom and arm from falling down because of its self-weight. So the safety and reliability of the 22tons crawler excavator is increased.

4. Structural parts(bucket, chassis):

The chassis of this middle earth moving machine is lengthened and widened, and the structural parts are reinforced. So the frame of this W2225LC-8 middle earth moving machine provides high durability, high reliability and safety. 

5. Track: 

The track is famous Tuishan brand and features outstanding performance. This track enables this crawler excavator to work under various conditions. 

Specifications of Earth Moving Machine:

Items Models
Engine System
Brand & Origin ISUZU
Model AA-6BG1TRP-03
Rated Power (kW/rpm) 113.2/2100
Max. Torque (N.m) 629/1600rpm
Idle Speed (rpm) 950
Engine Displacement (L) 6.494
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 25-28
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 437
Fuel Consumption Rate (g/kw.h) ≦237
Hydraulic System
Main Pump Brand & Origin Kawasaki
Rated Pressure (MPa) 31.4/34.3
Nominal Displacement (L/min) 220 ×2
Multiple Unit Valve Brand & Origin Parker
Rated Pressure (MPa) 31.4/34.3
Hydraulic Motor Travel Motor Brand & Origin Doosan
Traveling Speed (H/L km/h) 5.2/3.2
Swing Motor Brand & Origin Sungbo
Swing Speed (r/min) 11.5
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L) 180
Working Specifications
Weight (kg) 22400
Bucket Capacity (m3) 1
Bucket (mm) 1258
Bucket Digging Force (KN) 120
Arm Digging Force (KN) 94.5
Ground Pressure (KPa) 51
Grade ability 35°
Max. Digging Depth (mm) 6486
Max. Digging (mm) 10095
Max. Digging Radius (mm) 9813
Max. Discharging (mm) 7196
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 460
Min. Swing Radius (mm) 2853
Overall Dimensions L× W × H (mm) 9545×2980×3010

All of our earth move machines can be equipped with assistive devices like breaking hammer: