• Wheel Loader with Shangchai Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Shangchai Engine W156 wheel loader is mainly used in carry and load operations, civil & building construction, earth moving, waste handling, quarrying, block handling, agriculture, recycling and more.
  • Wheel Loader with Cummins Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Cummins Engine A Cummins engine is applied for this W156 wheel loader, and Cummins engine is well-known for being clean, efficient, dependable and durable.

W156 Wheel Loader


We have three different types of W156 wheel loaders: wheel loader with Weichai engine, wheel loading machine with Shangchai engine and wheel loader with Cummins engine. As a practical and innovative heavy-equipment manufacturer, LANTYPC is always committed to providing high-quality, high-productivity, durable and reliable loading machines to clients around the world. Meanwhile, World also make consistent innovation to meet ever-changing requirements of customers on loader applications. 


1. Hydraulic coaxial flow amplifying steering system is very flexible and the pilot control hydraulic system is easy to operate.
2. The bucket is enhanced and strengthened by high-strength and wear-resistant panels, and the edge-angle teeth are more durable.
3. Aluminum lift-type cooling torque converter oil and hydraulic oil radiator allows for stable thermal balance of machine.
4. Optimized outside loader appearance, oil line and counterweight greatly improve the reliability and serviceability of this W156 wheel loader. 
5. Stone bucket, coal bucket, bottom fork and timer grapple are optional for better serviceability and productivity. 

Technical Research:

Since the moment of its establishment, LANTYPC Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (China) has been focusing on developing and manufacturing safer, easier, productive and fuel-saving wheel loaders especially for construction and mining industries. Our loaders are designed based on the latest science and technology and features environmental friendliness. World’s wheel loader always delivers high productivity, serviceability, operator comfort, high efficiency, reliability sustainability and safety. 

Packing and Transport:

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on。
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on。