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24Tons Middle Excavator


World Group is a Chinese innovative heavy-equipment manufacturer, specializing in producing wheel loaders and earth moving machines, 24tons crawler digger for different tons. This W2245LC-8 24ton mining excavator is equipped with a 1.2m3 bucket, and an original ISUZU engine of 128.5kw power. 
Its hydraulic system includes Kawasaki hydraulic pump, Parker main valve, Doosan travel motor and Kawasaki swing motor. And its spacious cab is equipped with a Japanese Denso air conditioner and safety air seat. The extended chassis delivers high stability and reliability to this 24tons crawler digger. 

Features of 24Tons Crawler Digger:

1. Solid frames:

This 24ton mining excavator is designed with double reinforced frames: one to support the cab and the other to improve the durability of mining excavator components. The design of the double solid pins improves the performance of the track roller. The chassis is extended to enable this 24tons crawler mining excavator to work under different conditions in mining and construction industries. Additionally, the segmented guiding guard is equipped to keep the track alignment, so the performance of the 24tons crawler digger is improved. 

2. Good visibility:

The cab is designed a convex windshield, and that windshield can be easily opened by hand. The cab provides a clear panoramic view for operator, thus improving the operation safety and confidence. To give a wide view of the ambient environment, several rearview mirrors are equipped inside the cab, and it’s very convenient to quickly clean the window from the front platform safely because the external mirrors can be folded horizontally. 

3. Hydraulic system:

The W2245LC-8 24ton mining excavator is designed with high-pressure hydraulic system to better handle tough work in mining and construction industries. And the hydraulic system consists of Kawasaki hydraulic pump with large displacement, high-pressure Parker main valve, stable Doosan travel motor and Sungbo swing motor. 

24Tons Crawler Digger Parts and Features:

1.Original ISUZU engine:

Model No.: CC-6BG1TRP
Rated power: 128.5kw/2100rpm
Displacement: 6.494L

2. Cab: 

The design of air conditioning inside the cab provides the operator with a more comfortable operation environment, and the defrosting function ensures the clearness of the front window.

3. Hydraulic parts(pump, valve)


The hydraulic parts of this 24ton mining excavator use the Kawasaki displacement main pump and Parker main valve. 

4.Structural parts(bucket, chassis): 


23tons fuel tank Bucket Chassis:

The configuration of the boom, digging arm and bucket are all strengthened to enable the 24 ton mining excavator to better work constantly on high-intensity constructions sites. 

Specifications of 25Ton Excavator:

Items Models
Engine System
Brand & Origin ISUZU
Model CC-6BG1TRP
Rated Power (kW/rpm) 128.5/2100
Max. Torque (N.m) 697/1800rpm
Idle Speed (rpm) 950
Engine Displacement (L) 6.494
Engine Oil Capacity (L) 25-28
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 394
Fuel Consumption Rate (g/kw.h) ≦237
Hydraulic System
Main Pump Brand & Origin Kawasaki
Rated Pressure (MPa) 31.4/34.3
Nominal Displacement (L/min) 235×2
Multiple Unit Valve Brand & Origin Parker
Rated Pressure (MPa) 31.4/34.3
Hydraulic Motor Travel Motor Brand & Origin Doosan
Traveling Speed (H/L km/h) 5.2/3.2
Swing Motor Brand & Origin Kawasaki
Swing Speed (r/min) 10.5
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L) 230
Working Specifications
Weight (kg) 24500
Bucket Capacity (m3) 1.2
Bucket (mm) 1400.3
Bucket Digging Force (KN) 156
Arm Digging Force (KN) 118
Ground Pressure (KPa) 54.1
Grade ability 35°
Max. Digging Depth (mm) 6872
Max. Digging (mm) 10731
Max. Digging Radius (mm) 10273
Max. Discharging (mm) 7686
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 466
Min. Swing Radius (mm) 2971.5
Overall Dimensions L× W ×H (mm) 10020×2980×3241

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