• 8T Wheel Loader W180
  • 8T Wheel Loader W180 With fast operation speed, high efficiency, high productivity, reliability and stability, this W180 wheel loader is an essential machine in earth and stone construction.

8 Tons Wheel Loader


Designed to scoop, carry and load materials, this 8tons wheel loader can be utilized in a wide range of applications especially in mining and construction industries, to handle materials such as sand, gravel, rocks, demolition debris, asphalt, gravel, logs, snow, woodchips and more. Usually, it can be found to be used in the construction of roads, railways, houses, hydroelectric (power) stations, ports and mines. 
Working together with different auxiliary devices, it can shovel, carry, load and unload different kinds of materials like lumbers, logs, sand, rocks and asphalt. Featuring rapid operation speed, high productivity, good mobility and flexibility, this 8tons wheel loader is an essential machine in earth and stone construction industries. 
Mostly, this 8tons wheel loader is equipped with an original Cummins engine. 


1.This wheel loader is equipped with a double-turbo hydraulic torque converter and high-efficient planetary transmission system.
2.Designed on the basis of advanced European technology, the enhanced axles deliver stronger loading capacity, bigger driving force, high reliability and stability. 
3.Its integrated control platform has features of reliable quality, durability, longer service life and elegant appearance. 
4.A box structure is designed for its rear frame, and higher plates are made from high-strength steel.
5.To guarantee the stability and reliability of this wheel loader, most components of this 8tons wheel loader are from internationally-renowned brands, like cylinder, pumps, valves and more. 
6.This loader also features high-quality engine, low oil consumption, low noises and reliable performance. 


For your own safety and security, please do read the operation manual before operating: 
1.When the loader starts or leaves off  the cab, Please do follow the rules as bellow:
(1).Put the steering tube at the neutral gear;
(2).Put into the neutral gear;
(3).Keep the shovel front on the floor;
(4).Before stopping, the engine should race 5mins;
(5).The chock block should be put under the wheel while stopping the wheel loader on the slope;
2.The radiator is to prevent gas from being mixed; so after stopping the engine, please do make sure the elimination of stream.
3.Before starting the loader, please follow the rules as bellow:
(1).Make sure that the meters and indicating lamps are normal;
(2).Remove the parking brake, and then start the engine;
(3).Unless in an emergency, the loader should be in stop condition before using the parking brake;
(4).When in downgrading, the neutral gear should not be used;
4.While repairing or replacing loader components, please do as follows:
(1).Keep the wheel loader on the flat ground;
(2).Keep the shovel front on the floor and the securing rod should be added;
(3).When the shovel front is hoisting, people are not allowed to stand under or quite near the machine;

Cases of Loader:

World is a new practical and innovative heavy equipment manufacturer in China and since its foundation, World has been committed to manufacturing wheel loaders of high reliability and durability. Through those more than 20 years, World has insisted on both quality and market oriented to provide high quality but low cost loaders for clients worldwide. More importantly, World has been sparing no effort to develop and manufacture new wheel loaders to meet ever-changing requirements of customers throughout the world. 

Transport and Payment:

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on.
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on.