• Wheel Loader with Weichai Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Weichai Engine Comfortable air conditioning system allows for an excellent operation environment. Additionally, this wheel loader features less oil consumption, low noise and small emissions.
  • Wheel Loader with Shangchai Engine
  • Wheel Loader with Shangchai Engine The heavier counterweight and strengthened rear frame provide high rigidity and stability. An air conditioning system is equipped inside the operator station, allowing the operator to focus n a productive working day. Additionally,

W153 Wheel Loader


We have two types of W153 wheel loader: mining loader with Weichai engine and loader with Shangchai engine. With a middle wheelbase and small turning radius, this kind of loading machine is more suitable for work in small sites of mining and construction. It is equipped with a C6121 engine with features of less oil consumption, low noise and small emissions. Also, best hydraulic cylinders, pumps and valves are applied for this W153 wheel loader. 
Additionally, the coaxial flow amplifying steering priority system enhances the steering performance and increased balance weight improves the stability of the complete loader. 

Features of W153 Mining Loader:

1.The front and rear frames of this wheel loader is of girder structure, robotic welding, high anti-torque coefficient and high overloading capacity. 
2.Finite element analysis is applied for key structural parts to enable this loading machine to work normally under various harsh and dangerous conditions.
3.The spacious and comfortable cab allows all-around visibility.
4.New instrument panel assembly uses advanced integrative circuit instruments featuring high reliability, endurance and longer service life. 
5.The integrated thermal balance temperature of the hydraulic system is low and the cylinder, pump and valves of this hydraulic system are all from well-known brands, and all of them are of good stability, high productivity and reliability.
6.Its planetary power shift transmission comes from famous HC Group.
7.Its small turning radius provides good mobility and flexibility for W153 wheel loader when working in confined space. 


1. Operation instructions should be read before operating. 
2. When the W153 mining loader starts or leaves off the cab, Please do follow the rules as bellow:
(1). Put the steering tube at the neutral gear;
(2). Put into the neutral gear;
(3). Keep the shovel front on the floor;
(4). Before stopping, the engine should race 5 mins;
(5). The chock block should be put under the wheel while stopping the wheel loader on the slope;
3. The radiator is to prevent gas from being mixed; so after stopping the engine, please do make sure the elimination of stream.
4. Before starting the loader, the following rules must be obeyed:
(1).Make sure that the meters and indicating lamps are normal;
(2).Remove the parking brake, and then start the engine;
(3). Unless in an emergency, the mining loader should be in stop condition before using the parking brake;
(4).When in downgrading, the neutral gear should not be used;
5. While repairing or replacing loader components, please do as follows:
(1).Keep the wheel loader on the flat ground;
(2).Keep the shovel front on the floor and the securing rod should be added;
(3).When the shovel front is hoisting, people are not allowed to stand under or quite near the machine;

W153 Mining Loader Transport and Payment:

Transport: Container , Ro-ro ship, Plate trailer,Truck and so on.
Payment: T/T, L/C, and so on.